Programs & Trainers

Our training is aimed to produce real results. The four programs we offer are all lead by world-class trainers who are dedicated to your mission and equipped with the expertise to help you succeed. At Power Endurance Training Center, we not only focus on the physical side of training but also the mental and academic aspects of being a student-athlete.





Power Baseball is a program for youth baseball players who enjoy competing at the highest levels and enjoy time with quality coaches and instructors. It features upper-level travel baseball teams that compete all over the bay area and beyond.




Power Basketball is a fast-growing program featuring a highly competitive travel basketball team.  Athletes have the opportunity to strengthen each part of their game and learn from trainers and speakers from across the basketball world.



Power Golf is a program for golf athletes of all ages who are looking to hone their skills and polish their game. Using data-driven training and our large projector golf simulator to gain the insights needed to take your golf game to new heights.


Track & Field


Power Track & Field combines high-intensity workouts on the outdoor track area with applicable weight training regiments inside of facilities.



At Performance Endurance Training Center, our trainers are not only experienced but are highly motivated and focused on bringing the best out of you. No matter if you are looking to improve your speed, agility, stamina, or mental sharpness, our seasoned trainers will assist you in achieving your goals.



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