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About Coach Hunter

For the head of Power Endurance’s Power Basketball, Wayne Hunter, turning adversity into success is nothing new. A former Division-1 basketball player at St. Mary’s who went head to head with future NBA greats Klay Thompson and Steph curry but tore his ACL senior year, Wayne has been educating young ballers in the lessons he learned for the last five years at high schools all over the bay area, “When I started playing I was just a nine-to-five worker, which is to say I didn’t work any harder than I had to, I didn’t show up early or shoot around late and I saw a lot of guys performing better than me who I knew I was better than. But as I grew and matured I started spending extra hours on my game and I really saw that development paying off. Now I want to pass this kind of mentality onto guys who are still in high school, so they can build that extra edge.” When he started coaching, Wayne turned an early morning shootaround into a place where players regardless of position on the team could put in extra work on their shot, “I would drive around in the morning picking up players before school to come in and work extra, I didn’t care where they lived, they just needed to want to put the work in.”


As a trainer and coach Wayne has run workouts for everyone from professional overseas players to AAU studs to JV ballers aspiring to reach new heights, “I’ve always loved seeing the work start to show and the development come along. I noticed from very early in my coaching career that I had a strong connection with players and could form really strong relationships that helped get the absolute best out of them.” Whether it has been developing individual players into something greater, building teams, or building a program Wayne has always found value in the relationships he has formed with his player, “I believe my style of coaching and the culture I create is one that kids want to be around that and that’s important.”


Having an environment that is fun that pulls the most out of kids is a common theme for every program Wayne has ever been involved in. Now Wayne is bringing his passion and energy to the Power Endurance basketball

“Here at Power Endurance Training Center, it’s high energy and that’s something kids want to be around. We have former players who are college graduates and played at the next level coming back and speaking to the kids and it’s amazing. You have to be able to have kids having fun and building during practice. Being that age with everything you have going on, It’s not easy for a kid to practice. But through the connections I build with my kids and the relationships they build with each other it’s possible. I’ve always been real and genuine, and kids and parents can feel that.”

Power Basketball

  • Very hard
60 min

Power Basketball is a fast-growing program featuring a highly competitive travel basketball team. Athletes have the opportunity to strengthen each part of their game and learn from Wayne and guest trainers and speakers from across the basketball world.