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About Coach Rodriguez

Stephen Rodriguez is not just one of Real Neal Sports’ most passionate trainer, he’s also one of its’ many success stories as a former Real Neal trainee and athlete.  Stephen went from training under Mike Neal to helping train alongside him continuing the principles of physical improvement and mental toughness that he found so valuable as an athlete. “I trained with Mike going into my freshman year playing wide receiver in college and I loved the success I had under him.  I learned how to improve the way I move, how to translate workout into on-field performance, and the value of the time I put in.  Now I’m excited to give that same experience to my athletes whether they are 9, 25, 40, or older!” In two years of training with Real Neal Sports, Stephen has already helped improve the athletic standards and quality of life for over twenty clients.


Stephen enjoys developing strong bonds and relationships to help athletes mentally and physically put themselves in the right place to succeed, “I want each of my clients to feel how invested I am in them because I always appreciated it and responded well to people who were invested and cared about me.  When they know how much you care they are more motivated to succeed in the face of struggle.”  Workouts with Stephen can include everything from weight lifting to improved athletic mechanic exercises to mobility improvement workouts that help maintain and improve different functions of the human body.


Stephen starts athletes on essential workouts and provides modifications to form and functionality to ensure clients are getting the most out of each session, exercise, and rep.  “For me, it’s all about attention to detail, I want every rep to be precise and correct so that we have a strong foundation that we can continually improve upon.”  Stephen stresses consistency in work, focus at the moment, and dedication to the athlete’s “why.” By getting athletes back to fundamentals with improved form Stephen helps individuals improve functional athletic aspects of their bodies

“I want each of my athletes to accomplish their short monthly goals and use them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, so they can continually be motivated longer-term goals.”


  • Current
  • Former
    • Former Team Captain and Starting Safety at UNLV
    • Former Arena Football Player