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About Coach Tagaloa 

Sam Tagaloa has devoted his life and passions to helping build young athletes, into disciplined individuals, who achieve at high levels on the football field. Over the past four years, through his work at De Lasalle high school and through clinics all over the bay area, Sam has improved the performance of linemen all over the bay area,“ I like to zero in on lineman who often don’t get as much recognition as other players on the team. I take what I’ve learned from playing and coaching and help those kids get to where they need to be mentally and physically.” As someone who has won championships in football and played football at City College of San Francisco and at Texas A&M in Kingsville, Sam is someone who understands the importance of maintaining discipline, consistency and focus to succeed as an athlete, in life, and in the community.“ I want to make sure I see my athletes buying in mentally to the system. I like bridging that gap and motivating kids from all sorts of backgrounds. I care so much about that, that I want my kids and their parents and their families to see results.”


As a coach and trainer over the past four years, Sam has helped lineman improve their game by focusing on workouts to gain weights, development of technique, and mental exercises to perform consistently.“ I believe that the ordered recipe for success for young student-athletes is God, family, school, and then ball.” By using workouts help focus on the big muscles that help build weight, strong hands, and explosive movements,“ A lot of trainer’s work on strength in the weight room that doesn’t translate onto the field.  I work out muscles you use on the field at the angles you use them on the field. For example, it’s not just squats; we work with bands and weight to shoot into positions and work your hips. This helps you perform in two, three, and four-point stances.” Sam helps lineman develop techniques that allow them to attack the shoulders, turn the body, and maneuver opponents in dynamic and situational ways.


Sam is also the founder of STag Elite, a program where young lineman can hone their skills and compete in 7-on-7 linemen competitions, all over California. This program allows Sam to take athletes on college tours to see what it is like to attend college live the college athlete lifestyle. For Sam success on the field is important, but the most important aspect of the work he does is the relationships he builds with his athletes.


“I love it, I take it seriously. I love the text messages and phone calls from kids and parents and see differences at home; excited to workout. That thank you goes a long way for me; more than gratitude.”