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About Coach Wright

Fitness has been a passion for Paul Wright throughout his entire life, from working out with his parents growing up to running fitness boot camps all over the bay area. A former four-sport athlete who played D-1 football in college and professionally overseas, Paul understands the dedication and drive that motivates every workout. Paul is NASM-certified and has been training weekend warriors and athletes for four years through functional workouts designed to improve performance and health. Sessions with Paul are dynamic and personalized, “I bring out the best in athletes because I challenge them to move their bodies in ways they don’t usually. I always keep my workouts fresh and never do the same workout. We may work out the same body parts, but we work them differently.”


Paul brings the same mental focus and fortitude he utilized as a football player to each of his training sessions, “I focus on every workout like it’s a football game. They walk in and it’s game time. I make sure I’m dialed in so that my athletes have the best hour possible with no time wasted.” This focus allows Paul to hone in on each of his clients’ goals and motivate them to push past mental barriers to accomplish goals. He focuses on form and detail as a mechanism for pushing athletes to new heights and have fun.

“Some people just like to be pushed. I want you to let loose and have fun. This is your hour and I want you to own it and break out!”