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About Coach Kenion

Nathan Kenion has channeled a life around sports into becoming not just a trainer but a mentor to young athletes all over the Bay area with over 11 years of experience, “I knew how important training was when I was playing football and I appreciated training with a mentor, so I try to bring that experience to the young men and women I train.” Nathan implements strength, agility, and speed workouts that directly translate to tangible athletic results. A former football, basketball, track and field, and baseball player who competed at the junior Olympics, Nathan started working with young athletes as the running back coach at De La Salle high school. He began training as a trainer traveling all over the bay area focusing on explosive and speed related workouts.


By focusing on tailor-made workout plans aimed at achieving realistic athletic goals Nathan establishes realistic goals for each dynamic athlete he trains. Working with everyone from elementary school students to pros Nathan focuses on form and attention to detail to achieve relevant success for everyone he works with, “I like to get an idea of what people are interested in, our relationship is not all about sport. You need conversation and dialogue. Say someone younger comes and works out with me I want to find out what they are interested in so we can have fun and workout to by keeping it relevant to what they are interested in.”


A part-time football coach and leader of the KT 7-on-7 Prep nonprofit, Nathan implements principles of self-motivation and mental fortitude into each training session he’s involved in, “I like to create a situation where kids become able to inspire and drive themselves. I’m not trying to motivate through fake over the top ra-ra motivation. I want to train you how to motivate yourself, that’s what’s important.” As someone who has competed at the highest athletic levels, Nathan understands from experience what a strong mental focus can do for you when handling diversity not just in sports but in life. “A lot of us that played sports found that relatability between life and sports. The challenges in sports show how we’re going to attack things in life. It’s about the attitude you bring and teaching yourself how to fight through adversity and build through hard times. I’ve been through this.” Nathan trains individual athletes as well as group training along with fellow Power Endurance trainer Devin Nonies.

“We have the benefit of working in a facility with an awesome spectrum of trainers.  Getting those different perspectives and expertise is really helpful.”


  • Current
    • Running Backs and Corners Coach at De La Salle
    • Founder of Kenion Training
    • 7 on 7 Team has produced top-level athletes
  • Former
    • Former Team Captain and Starting Safety at UNLV
    • Former Arena Football Player