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“Real speed, real power, real performance. Train the mind and the body will follow” these are the principles that Mike Neal Jr. used as the foundation for Real Neal Sports when he started it 6 years ago. As a former competitor, who credit’s a lot of his success the knowledge and dedication he got from working with trainers, Mike wanted to create a space where education informed training, “We look at cross-functional muscles, anyone can go to the gym and start benching and they will get strong. But do you understand the right way to training that works with the science to the body mechanics? Do you understand why you are training the way you are?


We focus on isolation and understanding the science of the body. What separates our program is we develop the mind then the body. We see our athletes developing dedication, accountability, responsibility and understanding the reason we do every workout that we do.” Mike and his trainers pay close attention to each workout to ensure that they are developing functional athletes, “When we’re working out I want to pay attention to details; that hips are firing, or feet are being planted correctly. These are the kinds of things that prevent injury and improve performance.”


This idea of approaching sport and athletics as a craft that requires dedication and study is something that Mike and the entire staff at Real Neal Sports instill in their athletes. “Sport is a vehicle of life, but it is not everything. Someone’s character is just as important, sports are the common denominator. We practice taking your skill and making yourself the best you can be.”


Every athlete at Real Neal Sports starts with an evaluation that allows trainers and athletes to get to know one another in order to reach an understanding of goals and motivations for joining the program. “It’s about focusing athletes on what their why is, what drives that person to train and workout to put themselves through 2 hours of hell consistently” Mike believes that motivation has to come from within and it’s the job of the trainer to remind them of their why consistently, “I can’t say anything that will make someone amazing, I can spark it but they have to have the why. The conversation I have with a lot of young athletes, they have the goals, but I want to get them to fall in love with the process.”


This relationship building and dedication to mental fortitude is highly beneficial for training to compete at higher and higher levels, “A lot of trainers will work you really hard you’ll be in shape and you will improve but they don’t help you think in a competitive way. When you’re in a competition you need to be able to be tough enough to analyze your opponent and adjust. We train you to be a student of the craft.” For Mike, true achievement comes from being mentally strong. He is as likely to give one of his athletes a book to take home as he is to send them daily motivational videos.


These principles correlate with what is being built with Power Endurance and Real Neal Sports. These two institutions help create an environment where professional and aspiring athletes can work together.

“PETC is a family for sure, where big-time athletes come in and are involved with kids and it doesn’t feel like they are an untouchable walk of life. With knowledge and skills, we have in that gym it’s scary to see where we’re going to go with it.”


  • Level 1 USA Track and Field Coaching
  • PCA Certified
  • NFL Certified Coaching Certificate
  • CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • National Lacrosse Coaches Association – Club Coach Certified