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About Coach Smith

Khelyn Smith has made baseball his sport, his career, and his passion. A player who competed in the Little League World Series won back-to-back high school championships ’96-’97, and played D-1 baseball in the Pac-12, “Baseballs always been part of my life going back to De Lasalle that’s where my base comes from. The team became my family and I fell in love with the growth, the work ethic, and the process.” While coaching for 16 years, yes 16 years, Khelyn has developed baseball programs and players from De Lasalle high school to UCLA to clubs in Europe as a part of the Italian Baseball League. “I’ve taught everything from hitting coach to small ball work in bunting to baserunning to managing the entire team. It’s been incredible, literally building clubs from nothing to everything.”


Training with Khelyn is a comprehensive effort to develop skills that will improve you as a baseball player, as an athlete, and as a person. It is about working together to create a difference, “I come in to train and help you become a better version of yourself. Everyone has that opportunity to improve themselves. I’ll give you the tools can you improve your own health.” For a difficult journey like this Khelyn is more than a trainer, he is a constant presence always available to clients for a conversation to lend advice and guidance. The work you put in with Khelyn serves as a base for improved form, functionality, and competitive performance.


Now Khelyn is bringing his expertise to Power Baseball with fellow trainer Johnny Tucker, “Johnny and I are all about focusing on developing guys with proper knowledge and instruction. We want to give everyone the chance to learn how to not just win but to develop a culture and attitude on how to win and how to challenge yourself. It’s important to work hard and have fun, and how to mix and manage them both.” Power Baseball gives Khelyn a chance to help improve athletes both in their sport and in their character. For Khelyn sport is a perfect example of belonging to a community and a team by showing respect for one another.

“This is a great family environment where we are going to push each of our athletes to their limits. I love the smiles I get and the look in the eyes of each of my athletes when they attempt an adjustment and they work harder and it really works.”

man lifting weight while coach watches

Power Baseball

  • Easy
60 min

Power Baseball is a program for youth baseball players who enjoy competing at the highest levels and enjoy time with quality coaches and instructors. It features upper-level travel baseball teams that compete all over the bay area and beyond.