Jay Itagaki
Jay Itagaki Power Endurance Training Center trainer



Sports Massage & Recovery

About Jay Itagaki

Jay Itagaki brings a unique skill set to the Power Endurance Training Center massage therapy. By focusing on improved muscle function and range of motions Jay works with everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. With over five years of experience practicing massage therapy in the bay area, Jay takes an approach to massage therapy that focuses on movement based therapeutic sessions. A session with Jay features dynamic variation in the tissue and active release technique that not only improves performance but also helps prevent injuries. While general massage therapists that use active release, Jay adapts passive movements. While clients stretch, Jay applies pressure to necessary tissue and ligaments. This prevents further strain on potentially dysfunctional muscles, further muscle damage, and avoids unnecessary pain for clients. “The goal is to provide muscle stimulation that does not hurt or cause further damage to the muscle.”


Jay’s massage therapy helps to improve muscle recovery to ensure consistent growth in performance. Clients meet with Jay ranging from once a week to once a month and can focus on recovery, improved performance, or injury prevention. Recovering from an injury is all about bringing each client to get back to optimal performance and stay at the top of their game. “The key is getting more bang for your buck, in general athletes get used to a state in their body, but they’re leaving money on the table because they are constantly beating themselves up.”


The motivation for Jay’s massage therapy passion came from his work as an Olympic weightlifter. “What makes me a good therapist, I did many things to improve myself and use that to help many people who are much better than me.” Jay’s unique perspective on using massage therapy to improve performance allows him to relate to each of his clients in order to find the specific areas that can improve people’s performance. Whether it’s improving a range of movement, the range of mobility, or adding yards on the driving range Jay’s massage therapy helps athletes on a multitude of levels.

“You don’t ask a gymnast or someone overly flexible how to stretch. You want someone who started on a similar athletic level to you and gained a higher level of performance through massage therapy.”


  • Olympic Weightlifter
  • Specializes in strength and conditioning
  • Specializes in rehabilitation, balance, flexibility