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About Coach Nonies

Devin Nonies has been helping develop athletes in the bay area as a trainer, coach, and mentor for over seven years training athletes from 5 to 50.  A former football and baseball star athlete in high school, Devin was one of Power Endurance’s OTs (original trainers) and a founding member of KT 7-on-7 with fellow Power Endurance trainer Nathan Kenion.  For Devin it’s all about connecting sports and performance to improving their lives, “For me when I’m training it’s not necessarily about the sport, these are life lessons; work ethic, time management, effective communication, detail, urgency.”  


Devin specializes in athletic performance; speed, agility, and performance by implementing specific training and workouts that correlate with specific sports and improved overall athletic performance, “People don’t always pay that much attention to detail and what they are training to how they are performing in sport.  I know how to get people to perform and be competitive”


Devin’s workout sessions hold a common theme is to implement mental development along with physical accomplishments.  Whether it’s instilling discipline in young athletes or motivating older athletes to be active, moving, and building confidence Devin connects the mind and the body. “One of the biggest things that separate us at Power Endurance is how we challenge people mentally.  To achieve anything, you need to be mentally strong and locked in.” Devin uses mental focus to ensure athletes pay close attention to the functionality of every aspect of their body, “You want to work out to ensure that your hips are firing, your planting consistently, and you’re moving fluidly.  


Not many people pay that much attention to detail and how it directly correlates to what they’re doing in sport. My workouts help prevents you from getting hurt and perform at your best.” For Devin, it’s not about training harder but training harder to be able to learn how to adjust in your workouts and in competition.


As one of the original trainers at Power Endurance, Devin appreciates how special a place the gym is, “Growing up I never had a home facility, we would train in the park.  Working at power endurance is beautiful you have a 60-year-old next to a 6-year-old with a consistent message of working your tail off.” Power endurance combines a competitive environment with a supportive community to create a communal attitude of self-motivation.  

“I want you to train better to perform better.”

Devin Nonies


  • Junior Varsity Coach for De La Salle High School
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification
  • Concussion Certification
  • National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Certification
  • Strength Training and Weight Room Safety