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About Coach Thomas

For Curtis Thomas, baseball is more than a game. Baseball is Curtis’ passion and he has used the sport as a way of forming bonds and building connections. Curtis grew up in a baseball family and started playing at a young age. “Growing up I was around the game every day.  My dad was a ballplayer and he instilled that love in me.  This game molded me and now I want to pass it along and help mold others.” Curtis played baseball at Sacramento state then Golden Baseball League.  For the past five years he has been the head baseball coach of International High Schools.  Now he is bringing his drive, passion, and expertise to the Power Endurance program. “I’ve been a student of this game for 20 years and you can never be perfect.  That’s why I love teaching and learning with my athletes.”


Working with Curtis is challenging, rewarding, and encouraging all at once.   “I like to start by observing and learning why each of my athletes swings that way, chases a ball down that way, or fields a hit that way.  That way I can create a good environment for them.  I want to see where the opportunities are for growth and what skills we can refine and hone.” Curtis will often slow down training.  He believes it is important to ensure athletes and parents understand the “why” for every exercise. “I want them to understand the why of everything we do.  I also like to get the parents involved so there is good dialogue and feedback and so they can take the drill home and work on it with their family.”


Curtis’ workouts differ day-to-day in order to prepare athletes for anything and everything they may encounter on the field.  Working out dynamically prepares athletes mentally and physically.  This is incredibly important for a sport that throws something new at you every time you play.  Thus, Curtis focuses on developing unique defensive training and dynamic fielding intangibles, “One day we may do shortstop drills from our knees, the next we may just be using our hands.  It’s good to switch it up and isolate different movements.”

But, where Power Baseball athletes really excel working with Curtis is in the batter’s box.  Curtis notes that all too often youth baseball players are developing their swings incorrectly. As Curtis notes, too often batters swing for contact instead of developing a true power in their swing.  “Coming up I was a small guy, but I learned how to engage my lower body to create leverage and have a full-bodied swing.  That’s how you bring power into the batter’s box whether your 150 lbs or 250 lbs.”

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Power Baseball

60 min

Power Baseball is a program for youth baseball players who enjoy competing at the highest levels and enjoy time with quality coaches and instructors. It features upper-level travel baseball teams that compete all over the bay area and beyond.