Christina Alessi
Christina Alessi



Physical Therapy

About Coach Alessi

Bringing 18 years of experience working with patients and running physical therapy clinics, Christina Alessi helps everyone from professional athletes to individuals who are just trying to play with their kids. “I look to empower individuals to make themselves better while I help them along the way.”


A Mckenzie-certified former director of a physical therapy clinic, Christina focuses on improving functional movement and has worked in outpatient and inpatient capacities. She has specialized in spine and back pain and worked with athletes from golf to football, “I’ll do an assessment on a patient looking at strength and motion. Then I incorporate soft tissue work; stretching, massage, sometimes cupping therapy” She also features cupping therapy on trigger points which assists in patients coping with inflammation, pain management, blood flow, and deep tissue massage.


Christina’s physical therapy utilizes education to ensure that clients get the most out of each session, emphasizing the quality of each session over many visits. “Typical physical therapy clinics need 2-3 time a month. I spend more time with patients, so I don’t have to see them as much. I really find that if I spend more time with the patient and send them away with more info and time to heal they get better faster.” Whether it’s improving athletic performance, improving individual’s quality of life, or improving muscle function to have increased athletic ability as they age. “It’s really rewarding when someone has seen a lot of pain specialists and is still having issues and I can help cure that in three visits.”


By focusing on seeing what is happening that is preventing the body from fully healing, Christina finds ways to not just speed up recovery but allow individuals to comeback performing higher than ever before. Christina also works with athletes to help improve athletic performance through training technique and form improvement.

“I don’t want to do what our trainers do but I do want people to see issues they have and can be addressed so they can get more out of their training. We had a football player who tweaked his knee and was still training but in a lot of pain. I worked with him and our trainers to get him to fire his glutes more. Now he’s stronger than he was before. It’s the small changes that make a huge difference.”


  • Certified in the Strengthen Your Game for Golf Program
  • Over Twenty Years of Experience in Physical Therapy
  • Masters of Science from UCSF’s Graduate Program in Physical Therapy
  • Certified in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®

Power Golf

60 min

Power Golf is a program for golf athletes of all ages who are looking to hone their skills and polish their game. Using data-driven training and our large projector golf simulator to gain the insights needed to take your golf game to new heights.