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About Coach Terrell – Head Coach of Power Endurance Track and Field

Lauren Terrell brings the same passion and energy to Power Endurance’s track and field team as she did throughout her 15+ years competing and coaching athletes from youth levels all the way through college. As a former competitor in the sprints, jumps, and relays. Lauren understands how to prepare to compete and perform on the highest levels of track-and-field. Lauren changed from competitor to coach, first giving athletes and parents pointers at local track meets and later being asked to train athletes individually.


From there, Lauren worked her way up to head coach at Berean Christian High in Walnut Creek, where she’s been helping young athletes grow for the past three years. This experience allows Lauren to guide form for track-and-field athletes by education through demonstration, “Since I’ve competed and been coached before I can always show my athletes exactly what I want them to do. It’s that combination of visual and verbal instruction and it really helps athletes understand the rhythm of everything they need to do.” Lauren and the track-and-field Power Endurance coaches work with athletes ages six through seventeen focusing on fundamentals and techniques to grow athletes through the basics and strive for new goals and personal records.

The Power Endurance Track & Field team works with sprinters, middle distance, long-distance, Hurdles, Jumpers, and throwers. Lauren makes sure that Power Endurance track-and-field athletes have the ability to try any event they are interested in, “If you can do it, I say you should try it. We never want athletes to feel confined. The most important thing is that you get a feel for what track-and-field feels like at a competitive level.”


Lauren gets athletes to that point by stressing attention to technique and improving form to reach new personal heights, “Every every athlete has that moment where it clicks. I hit that point when I was competing, got to move past a stagnant point, and it started to get really exciting again. For me, it’s really about having those kinds of moments for the athletes and advancing past them.” “I grew up competing with the same team and I try to bring the positives of being organized and structured with a clear set plan in order to maximize athlete and team vision. I want people to be keeping an eye out for our athletes for all the right reasons.”


For Lauren, it’s all about using team dynamics to foster a productive and competitive culture, “I want to build confidence in every athlete that I meet. What I appreciate is a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone, and no one feels left out. When there is a place for everyone, and they get more confident that’s when athletes can take real strides. There’s nothing I love more than watching athletes grow and progress, it’s what makes me so excited about coaching” This confidence in the athletes comes from being positive, having fun, and enjoying the competition, “I’m always their biggest supporter. It’s all about being constructive. Not saying ‘You did this wrong or that wrong.’ But ‘What did we do wrong here and how can we improve?’.


I love seeing when an athlete hits a personal record in something. Doesn’t matter if they win or lose. I just love seeing real progression and the athlete gets real excited about it ‘Oh my gosh! I did this!’ To me, that is the most rewarding.”

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Our athletes will learn the core values of accountability, respect, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork that build character and promote excellence throughout life. Our coaching staff will encourage every athlete to set and achieve personal goals and see the direct results of their hard work on a...