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Coach John Harvey brings 30 years of coaching track-and-field from high school all the way up to the Olympics to the Power Endurance track-and-field program. The former San Jose State track star and current De La Salle / Carondelet high school head track coach brings a unique passion and love to coaching that can’t be matched, “It’s a lot of fun and I’m truly blessed to teach these kids and young adults how to use their athletic abilities to propel them to new opportunities.” John has used his experiences from competing and being a student of the game to create a unique approach to coaching and influencing athletes of the sport.


In over three decades, John has coached athletes at UC Irvine, UCLA, Stanford, USC, Oregon, Arizona State, University of Washington, University of Arizona, Tennessee, University of Arizona, SDSU and many more universities. His athletes have gone on to win youth national titles, state championships, Gatorade athlete-of-the-year, Junior national championships, world championships and gone on to compete on the US Olympic team.


Having experienced so much success in his coaching career, John’s goal at Power Endurance is to help build the best youth track and field program in northern California, “What we’re bringing to the youth of this area is multiple coaches with lots of years of experience. That variety of knowledge and experience from competing to coaching can’t be matched along with the staff behind it.” With coach John, the Power Endurance track-and-field team will travel across California competing in multitudes of events and exposing athletes to different kinds of competitions and events. “Our kids will be taught the basics and correct technique at a young age which is critical to success.”


“Coaching is a tool where each athlete can grow in their own way. It’s easy to take a kid out on the track and they’ll get a little better. But if you teach them why they are training this way they become a student of the sport as opposed to just being an athlete of the sport.” John coaches more than just the body, he coaches the mind so that his athletes are able to be mentally as well as physically engaged, “Sports are 75% mental and 25% physical and my training style is based more on teaching the mind than just participating.


My coaching style helps more than just events, but the mental aspect; the commitment, the patience, and the dedication it takes to be successful as an athlete.” It is through this unique approach that John is able to make unique connections with each of his athletes and bring the best out of them, expanding on life lessons through sports. “Being a coach, being able to see what my kids learn through the years and being a part of the program teaches them a lot of life lessons. That is my passion.”

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Our athletes will learn the core values of accountability, respect, integrity, sportsmanship, and teamwork that build character and promote excellence throughout life. Our coaching staff will encourage every athlete to set and achieve personal goals and see the direct results of their hard work on a...