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About Power Baseball

Power Endurance is excited to continue our legacy of athletic success with our Power Baseball and Power Baseball Spring Development Programs. Located at the Power Endurance facilities, athletes of all stages have the opportunity to work with 12-year professional baseball veteran Johnny Tucker and Khelyn Smith who has coached and managed baseball programs all over the world for over 16 years. Power Baseball aims to improve fundamentals, form, and technique to push baseball players to the next level. Power Baseball gives you the expertise of Johnny and Khelyn, coupled with the Power Endurance facility and community approach to athletic excellence, “We have a lot of energy we like to get loud and motivate one another. The important thing is everyone is comfortable and having fun!”


Power Baseball Development Program is a year-round program that combines elements of advanced training, superior discipline, and cutting-edge strength development to assess and develop a solid baseball foundation in a fun environment for athletes of all ages. Khelyn elaborates, “We start each athlete with an overview of the program and an evaluation to see what you’re working with. We’re looking for individuals who want to learn and improve. You don’t need to be able to do everything and you don’t have to be the most athletic kid you just have to want to be better.” With a great coach to player ratio and small roster sizes that allow each athlete to get the personalized attention that leads to consistent and real-world results, “This program will pay incredible dividends in the future whether you are looking to get into competition shape or are already operating at a high level.”


Johnny and Khelyn work one-on-one and in team settings to improve all aspects of an athlete’s game. Power Baseball Development athletes practice one to two times a week in Power Endurance state of the art training facilities where they work on hitting on a personal level to promote long term development. “Hitting is the most difficult facet of the game, you have to master hitting by doing it time and time again.” The development program addresses hitting from a different angle from traditional hitting coaches as coach Jonny notes, “When playing little league coaches want kids to put the ball in play and run. We want to teach kids to drive the baseball, we don’t chase results at 8 years old we want them to do well at 18.”

Power Baseball is an excellent team setting where athletes from the development program can apply the skills they’ve learned in serious showcases and tournaments. With five current teams that compete in 18, 16, and 15 and under, Power Baseball teams focus on small teams to maximize playing time and allow for growth and development in each player.


Team Use


30 Min.


60 Min.


  • Fully-enclosed
  • Indoor Cages
  • 2 Cage Sizes (42 ft./72 ft.)
  • 3-4 players to a cage
  • Balls Provided

*private lessons available

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