Power Golf



Level: Easy
Limit of participants

About Golf

One of the most effective tools for golfers in the launch monitor simulator, which provides golfers to see the trajectory of the golf shot that you’ve just made. This allows a controlled environment for a data-driven approach coupled with Byron’s instincts and direction to provide more accurate form instruction than a driving range. This simulator coupled with video imaging to help show students improvements and adjustments to their swings, “It’s a good baseline to see what’s happening with what the ball is doing, then we make adjustments. It helps develop strong fundamentals to send the ball where you want to go as well as a larger framework on how to get back on track when your swing gets off.”


In a Power Golf, we work on grip, setup. Iron play, putting, chipping, how to stand and hold the club.  Our golf simulator is able to replicate what the golf ball is doing, what it looks like on the golf course and bring it all indoors. If you are looking to improve in this game, don’t want to just be Ferrari. Not everyone has that natural ability, they just want to get better at golf.




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