Power Endurance Training Center is not just a gym, but a community, built by former NFL all-pro running back, Maurice Jones-Drew.  Power Endurance brings together expert trainers, physical therapists, and sports specialists, under the same roof, in our state-of-the-art facility, in Martinez, CA.

With cutting edge indoor and outdoor fitness equipment, specialists who run clinics, programs, and organized teams focusing on basketball, baseball, and golf, our athletes are provided with the highest quality, tailored training programs available. Maurice notes, “Here we have a positive environment where our trainers work together to push you whether you want to lose pounds, tighten up, or improve your game, no matter what it is.”

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Power Endurance Training Center


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When you work out at Power Endurance Training Center, you have the full scope of all the trainers at the gym. Athletes don’t have to work with a single trainer. Whether you want to work with a physical trainer to rehab an old injury, improve form on basic workouts, or train towards reaching new heights in your sport of choice, Power Endurance has the staff to accommodate you.

This supportive environment is available to any and all athletes, regardless of their age or level of expertise. Mike Neal reflects on this, “Here at Power Endurance it’s a great culture and community. We’re a family, everyone who walks in is celebrated not tolerated. With the knowledge and skills we have in this facility, we can do wonders for our athletes”

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No matter the day of the week, we're here to provide a place for you to get your training on.


We offer physical training, but we also provide nutrition and academic assistance

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The only thing we expect you to be committed to, is your success.


We continue to strive to provide the world's best training and trainers.

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Maurice Jones-Drew

As a former all-pro running back who played nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders, Maurice Jones-Drew has trained in all sorts of facilities, all over America. However, the Oakland native noticed that there were very few options for athletes in the bay area, “Growing up in the bay area we were always training in parks and smaller areas. When I was in the league we would go to Miami, LA, Phoenix, Atlanta, and all these places had premier training facilities for young athletes. But we never had that in the bay, we never had a place where young athletes could learn proper techniques and develop. It’s important to have that kind of structure around our kids. Then for professionals, you would see Raider and Niners players at generic gyms and facilities, that’s crazy.” It was out of this realization along with a partnership with Nathan Kenion and Mike Neal that Maurice created Power Endurance in 2017 as built a place where dedicated athletic individuals regardless of age, level, and experience can devote their time towards achievement and excellence.


Maurice created Power Endurance Training Center to serve as a community where trainers and athletes can develop the physical and mental traits that provide true competitive advantages. “A lot of people think sports are all physical, but it really is 90% mental. It’s how you train and put your best foot forward and train your mind to endure difficult situations.” It was with this in mind that led Maurice to consider mental as well as physical excellence in the facilities and personnel that make Power Endurance so special. They bring athletes, trainers, and tutors who inspire and influence with a focus on adversity and mental fortitude to Power Endurances, “Every athlete and trainer we’ve had has been through adversities and challenges on and off the field and they’ve learned how to handle it. They bring those perspectives and attitudes to each of our athletes, so they have that self-confidence and mentality to get through challenging situations with their training when they’re competing, and when they’re handling life.” Those who work out at Power Endurance are surrounded by trainers, role models, and teammates who support and challenge one another in the pursuit of any and all goals.


For Maurice, Power Endurance is a place where he not only wants to work out but where he wants his kids and the Bay area youth to build character, “When you’re in your adolescent years that’s when you’re the most influential and experiencing the great development. That’s why it’s so important to have a facility and a place to be constructive and have fun instead of hanging out and partying, you’re focusing on your goals and feeling good about your accomplishments. I was lucky enough to have that at De La Salle and growing up and I want to bring that mindset and opportunity to everyone in this community. I want this, not just for my kids but for all the bay area kids so that they have a place they can perform and be better not just physically, but mentally.” Having run several football programs in Jacksonville and in the bay area Maurice saw what the programs could do for young athletes, not just in terms of physical performance, but also just having a place to go and be themselves.

“I wanted to be able to give my athletes the best opportunity to succeed so I empower our trainers to work together to provide the individual resources that each athlete needs. Each trainer has an adult fitness class and it’s special that an adult or someone trying to get in shape and build up their fitness can train along with a professional athlete who will motivate them and make them feel special. It’s all about being comfortable and being better than you were yesterday. You come in here and you are going to work with people and feel supported.”


Maurice Jones-Drew



“Once you reach a high enough level you realize that competition is self-created. It’s impossible to be the best if you‘re following someone else’s blueprint. Stop competing with them, and compete with yourself. At Power Endurance we are looking to push the boundaries of what you‘re capable of. The goal for everyone is to build a better you.”



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